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Massage Testimonials




Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back a normal life. For three years, I have suffered from lower back pain. It hurt to get out of bed, it hurt to fly in an airplane, it hurt to pick up my children and I struggled to do the most basic exercises. Only a few short years prior, I was in great shape, lifting weights, spinning, skiing...living a very active life.

The Myofascial Releasel work that you did with me coupled with the stretching routine that you prescribed freed me in only a few short weeks. I now can do most everything I did before and I enjoy my children--my life. You absolutely changed my world for the better and I'm indebted to you. It has been 6 months now and with tune ups and continued stretching, I'm still feeling great. Thank you so much.
-Kathleen C.



“I can’t thank you enough for doing what no one else has been able to do in the last two years: put me firmly on the path back to being me. No small thing"



"I first encountered Sandi Hoover in 2003 where she taught myself and a friend private yoga classes, she was an absolute delight to work with and I felt very fortunate to have her leading me through my introduction to the world of yoga. After a class I was complaining of overall stiffness and she suggested I try a massage with her husband Zach. After my first massage with Zach I was hooked for life having weekly massages now since 2005. Zach understands how to make my 56 year old body feel young again and I can't imagine life without my weekly "adjustment". As I continue to enjoy my very active lifestyle I can without reserve highly recommend both Sandi and Zach and The Family Tree as a means for enriching your life!!"
-Steve Vilmain


I've been a client of Zachary Hoover since 2009. Zach is a true healer. His knowledge of the body and what my body needs is brilliant.


I teach Nia and dance four or more times per week in addition to commuting by bike and practicing yoga. Myofascial release and massage therapy are a necessity for balance in my life. Myofascial release is my favorite. The deep, slow release is healing me from the inside out and making me more aware of my body. I completely relax and surrender when I am on Zach's table. 


His high level of professionalism, combined with his kind, sensitive, and intuitive touch are the reasons I trust Zach. I highly recommend Myofscial release and massage therapy with Zach. 

-Moira L. 



"I want to thank Zach Hoover for giving me long awaited relief in my shoulder/back area. After spending a great deal of time and money on several other massage therapists, physical therapists and doctors over several years, Zach was recommended to me as an alternative to the ‘normal’ massage therapists in the area. His practice of Myofascial Release was the answer I needed for a very long- term knot of pain in my shoulder. He was very thorough in explaining his technique during my first visit and what I should expect during and after the session. We started with weekly appointments for a few weeks and soon I was able to move to every other, then onto monthly and now I schedule appointments every 2 months just for a tune up along with tackling any other aches and pains I may be experiencing. I feel great and no longer find myself sitting around holding/massaging my shoulder, trying to find some relief; the pain and knot are gone!!! I would highly recommend a visit with Zach to alleviate your pain; he is awesome!"

- Barb 


“I had tried traditional Swedish massage as a way to gain relief from tight, sore shoulders, but in spite of a consistent therapy schedule and diligent, conscious stretching on my own, I did not feel much progress. I scheduled a consultation with Zach in an effort to gain another perspective and was so glad to find an informed recommendation. He suggested Myofascial Release as my best therapy, since he found the restriction to be deeply rooted in my connective tissue, not just in my muscles. As a flexible person with a consistent yoga practice, this made sense to me. We have worked several months now on opening the shoulders and thoracic cavity and I have found welcome relief from pain and soreness, as well as new space in my upper spine and chest. The sessions are unlike traditional massage since they are a combination of prolonged, steady manipulation and energy work.


Since the work is slow and deep, I practice a slow, deep breathing the entire session and can really feel a release in physical and emotional tension. I am grateful for the healing hands and giving nature of Zach Hoover; he is consistently present, thoughtful, effective and nurturing in his treatments.”

-Mary L.


“Zach, I feel blessed that somehow the universe brought us together and then you introduced me to yoga. This morning's massage has stayed with me all day. For the first time, I know there were moments during the massage when my true self was touched, literally and figuratively. You are a gifted man and I am so lucky to be able to work with you. Namaste” 
-Carol R.


When I first saw Sandi Hoover for a private yoga lesson, she suggested that I see her husband Zachary for massage, as he has provided relief for people who suffer from chronic pain.  I’d been seeing both a chiropractor and a rheumatologist for a particularly stiff knee and index finger.  While I had obtained some relief, my body still wasn’t at 100%. I had only been back in Des Moines for about a year and I hadn’t gotten around to finding a massage therapist, so I figured he was worth a try.


That was one of the best referrals that I have ever received in my life.  Myofascial Release Technique massage with Zach has been transformative for me.  I’ve been seeing Zach for about a year now, and I would say that both my knee and my index finger are at about 98%.  I’ve eliminated one of the medications that I had been taking and have decreased the amount of another.  I only go to the chiropractor every other month.  And I see Zach about every seven weeks.


Certainly, I enjoy the relaxing feeling of other types of massage, but none have been as healing as my time spent with Zach.  Zach is completely and utterly professional.  I recommend him without reservation.

-Denise R. 

"Zach is the most talented massage therapist my husband and I have ever experienced! We have travelled extensively and taken in massage treatments across several continents...never have we found someone so in tuned with our bodies and the underlying issues of our pain. I don't want to have a massage from anyone else now that I know how truly therapeutic massage can be!"

-Kathleen Caudill 



“Zach Hoover gives the best massage EVER!”
-Sandi Hoover