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Roots Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


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We will focus on the great honor of sharing yoga with the pregnant population.These students seek a confident, empathetic and resourceful teacher that is able to help educate and support them on the changes she is experiencing.


This training guides you down the path to more confidently offer modifications to yoga poses, help students become more in touch with their bodies and alleviate discomforts, and create a space for mindfulness and compassion. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training. 









TRAINING DATES 85 hour training taking place over three weekends. Must complete all three weekends for certificate of completion:

October 3-5, October 17-19, & November 7-9, 2014



The next training will take place in early 2015

Contact: Sandi Hoover, RYT, PRYT
(515) 202-2584


for pricing, hours of training and list of suggested reading. 




What others are saying about Roots Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training: 


"Sandi Hoover is the state's leading authority on prenatal yoga."

-James Miller, E-RYT 500, Founder Adamantine® Yoga


"I have been teaching. We're 3 weeks into a 6 week session and I've been teaching a few of the classes/themes pretty much straight from the class outlines we got from you.  Didn't feel the need to get too creative this first time around!  It's a small group but they seem to be enjoying the new format.  I know that I feel so much more confident and authentic teaching now, which definitely has an effect on the whole energy of the class.  Loving it!  thank you again for an amazing training."

-Laura Christensen, RYT


"I loved the integration of meditation; it helped with the long training days 'sponging up' your knowledge! I loved your grace in how you present a load of material with the obvious intention for supportive and caring dialouge for students in class and training, too! You rock."

-Michelle Paton, RYT


"There was a good mixture of lecture, movement and direct applications. I love how the training instilled confidence in that "I know more than I think I know" by taking time and you having the patience to thoroughly answer and go through any questions. I also really appreciated the practicality and approachability of Roots training."

-Tiffany Rosenfeld Deal, RYT 


*Students seeking certification through Yoga Alliance must already be a 200 hr. Registered Yoga Teacher. This training is applicable towards certification through Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.