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Roots Prenatal Yoga


From Love Grows Love.

Roots Prenatal Yoga helps women learn options available to them, open their eyes and hearts to ways of bringing peace into the world through birth and motherhood. We are pleased to serve women in their childbearing years and beyond.  

Roots Prenatal Yoga allows you to de-stress and trust in your changing body in a safe and sacred space. Each week you’ll learn breathing techniques, ways to alleviate discomfort and how to relax as training for labor and beyond. Our classes are geared towards beginner's and safe for all stages of your pregnancy. All poses and stretches will be demonstrated by teacher.

One of the greatest lessons you can learn is to accept your vulnerability as a gift, how to step into your power, your primal self, and how to best nurture yourself. These are all great tools for you in your pregnancy, lessons and experiences that will stay with you, to impart on your children and growing family.

Tuesdays 5:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m. 

Thursdays 5:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m. 

$25 drop-in 

Four classes for $79 (expires five weeks after first class used)

Monthly Unlimited $149
*most popular and best value if you'd like to join us twice or more weekly

Private one-on-one instruction available. Email to inquire and schedule. 





Roots Prenatal Yoga Testimonials

"I'm having an EVEN better pregnancy this time than my last, and attribute at least part of this to the fact that I've been enjoying Sandi's prenatal yoga class.  Not only has this class given me a greatly needed break away from responsibilities at home and delightful camaradarie with other mamas, but Sandi's class has provided me with additional flexibility, better breathing techniques and fantastic poses that I know I will be able to utilize more effectively during my labor.  Practice in breathing and posing will make my efforts to do these things during labor seem much more natural!"
-Kathleen Caudill


"Sandi, you helped me understand that it could be the incredible birth it was. I am so grateful for your beautiful influence!"



"If I could write a story of the perfect birthing experience for me, I had it!  I have been promoting your class even more to all my pregnant friends.  Here's my story:

   'Sometimes I wondered if I was getting anything out of the class because a workout to me is the sweaty, make you really tired kind.  I made sure to go to your class because it was the one way for me to focus on the baby growing in me and to slow my life down.  I never realized how much the mental part of your class would ever help me.  
   'I started labor at 6:30 on a Thursday night.  I went downstairs in my basement, lit a couple of candles and wrote in my pregnancy journal.  I also reviewed the breathing techniques from the hospital book I got a couple years ago.  I loved the silence.  My contractions stayed about 3 minutes apart for 3 hours.  I called the midwife and asked if I could stay home since the contractions didn't hurt.  My husband and I laid in bed while we slept until 11:30.  (He slept, I rested)  I started getting shakes real bad and the contractions were hurting more so we checked in at 12 am.
    'I was able to get in the whirlpool.  I remember reading the article you gave us about how the pain in labor really isn't that long even though you are in "in labor" for a while.  That article really motivated me as I was having contractions.  I was at peace the whole time and that was because of what I learned in your Yoga class.
   ' After the whirlpool, I got back on the exercise ball.  Labor moved fast just like it did the first time around.  I warned them how fast it went once I got serious contractions so the nurse and midwife had everything ready.  My midwife, Sea from Methodist Midwives, was with me the whole time.  Sea, my nurse, and my husband were awesome!  They kept telling me how great I was doing.  Labor moved fast.  Sea broke my water when I was at 8 cm and about 20 minutes and two pushes later, Avery arrived.

   ' I was on cloud nine because of my mental-being during labor.  I didn't realize until after Avery was born that your class kept my brain right where it needed to be.  I have been meaning to get this email out to you to share my joy.  It feels so great to write this email after five weeks so I can relive the whole experience again.  I loved being pregnant (both times) and after this delivery, I'm ready to go again.

Thank you so much and I will continue to promote your class to my expectant friends. Thanks for providing a great experience."
-Amanda Mertz



"Thank you Sandi for giving me the confidence and training to have an amazing birth experience!"



"Out of all the advice I got from classes, books, friends and relatives, I used my knowledge from yoga and our talks before class in the labor room.  I was surprised to hear the nurse in training and the medical student comment that this was their first natural birth they had witnessed. It was not easy, but I feel very empowered that I did it. Thank you for everything, Sandi. I don't know what I would have done without your class. I even gave you credit after she came out. My doctor said you would have been proud. You have a lot of fans out there!"

-Lizzie G.


Thanks so much for all that you do. I have fallen in love with my "me time" at The Family Tree and can't wait to get started back up again with my lil’ guy!! :)

-Kristin Drewis


Hi Family Tree! Prenatal yoga was one of the best and most helpful pregnancy experiences I had and our daughter arrived healthy and happy last week! Looking forward to bringing her to Baby and Me yoga when things settle down a bit! Thanks again for both the physical and mental workout!

-Jenny A.


I have been telling everyone I can about what a wonderful experience I had in prenatal classes and how the classes helped me focus on what was really important and prepare me for the most wonderful event I have experienced thus far in life!  

-Ginger L.