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Private Yoga Sessions


Don’t like group classes or can’t find a class time that fits your schedule? 

Our private sessions are designed for:


You are new to yoga and want to safely learn some basic movement and breath, want to have confidence that you are doing poses correctly and within your ability level.



You have a specific issue or goal, have undergone recent physical or life changes, have chronic or recurring issues, are recovering from injury or trauma, have anxiety, looking for post-pregnancy conditioning, seeking to work through restrictions or challenge areas in the body, reconnecting your mind and body, are ready for yoga as therapy to lead you to a state of balance in your body and stillness in your mind. Your Yoga Wellness Coach will evaluate how you move in your body, discuss what's going on in your world and establish personal goals for yoga. From there we determine what yoga poses can best bring your body back into balance and begin building a short personal practice you can do at home.

Advanced Yoga Practitioners:

You are ready to take your practice deeper and are seeking a high level practice with quality instruction from a teacher who has walked this path. One-on-one private sessions meet you where you are at, build upon your individual yogic pathway and offer you a personal practice to enjoy at home.


Private Yoga Sessions

Single Session

Three Sessions

Six Sessions

Twelve Sessions

60 Minutes

$75 - $90

Save 5%

Save 10%

Save 12.5%



Private yoga sessions are led by Registered Yoga Teachers/Certified Yoga Wellness Coaches. Private sessions are where The Family Tree Yoga really shines and sets us apart from the average yoga studio. We recommend a minimum of three private yoga sessions to get the most benefits. Private yoga sessions are offered to individuals or small groups.  


“I am in my 50’s and usually run/jog 12-15 miles per week. For 6 months I had been suffering with some knee, hip, and shoulder problems that impaired my running. I signed up for one-on-one yoga sessions with Sandi, and what a difference it made! I diligently practiced my yoga in between our sessions, and over 3 weeks I noticed dramatic positive results. My knee, hip, and shoulder issues were reduced by 95% and, just as importantly, it improved my overall well-being. My energy levels are higher and I seem to handle stressful situations more calmly. I have resolved to incorporate ongoing yoga sessions with Sandi into the “ good-health” promise I have made to myself. I heartily recommend The Family Tree to anyone who wants to feel their best and get the most out of their daily lives.”

"My private yoga sessions (with Sandi) have become the cornerstone of my wellness program. Not only have they improved my physical health, but my mental health as well. By tailoring the sessions to my physical and mental health needs, I am receiving tremendous benefits for the time invested. Also, because of the private attention, I am receiving more benefits from group and individual yoga sessions than ever before. Sandi is my most important caregiver!"
-Harry W.

"My private yoga session is one of my favorite times of the week. I can go in feeling tired, cranky, distracted, frazzled but I always come out feeling lighter, stronger, calmer and happier. I love going to a class with other students too, but for me there's nothing like a little one on one time. Sandi gives me adjustments and points things out to me that I might not get in a regular class just because there's so many people to pay attention to. Not only does she point out ways that I can change something, but she also points out the areas that I'm doing well in. Sandi exudes a sense of safety which frees me up to try new things and make a fool out of myself! We laugh a lot! Starting with private lessons really brought my yoga practice up to the next level. To me, it's well worth the time and money!"
-Jodi B.