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Massage Education Classes

In this fast paced, high tech world, we all need to learn how to slow down and take some time to reconnect with ourselves and each other through intentional, focused touch and increasing awareness of how we use our bodies. 

All of the classes offered are designed to introduce you to the benefits of massage and bodywork and teach you skills and techniques that can profoundly affect and improve your lives. These classes will also help increase your knowledge of the human body,  how it moves and functions, ways to enhance your self care, and help problem solve when your body doesn't move and function as it should.  The classes are designed to be interactive and you are encouraged to actively participate and ask any questions that you might have along the way.

Class Options

  • 30 Minute Informational Class
  • 4 week class series (Monday nights)
  • Weekend Retreat class series (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoons)
  • Private Class Sessions

Class Objectives and What you can Expect

  • Deepen connection between couples through positive touch and centering exercises
  • Develop meaningful and focused touch techniques
  • Learn subtle yet powerful techniques for pain relief and self-care
  • Improve communication skills—both verbal and non-verbal—that can help improve how you interact with one another and deepen trust between one another
  • Learn techniques to lower stress and be more centered and grounded
  • Identify how stress affects your life and ways to decrease it
  • Identify how our habits affect our well being and ways to troubleshoot by assessing and improving posture, body mechanics, and reducing mind chatter
  • Learn self-care techniques

There will be up to five other couples each class but you will only work with your partner and the instructor. Your attire will shift between being fully clothed or dressed down to shorts and tank tops. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email or call us so we can answer them directly.

General Class Information

Because of the limited size and exclusive nature of the classes there are no refunds for missed classes, but we will gladly give you credit for a future class if you notify us by email 48 hours prior to the class you are scheduled to attend.

CLASS MINIMUM: There is a class minimum of 3 couples.  In the event that the minimum is not met, the class will be rescheduled and you will be notified 48 hours prior to class start date and time.  You will have the option to enroll in another class or request a refund.

This class is led by instructor Zachary P. Hoover.  He began his massage career in 2002 and has maintained a thriving and successful private practice since that time.  Zachary was an instructor at the College of Massage and Healing Arts Center here in Des Moines and has assisted other instructors in Continuing Education classes covering a variety of advanced techniques. He has consolidated his wealth of knowledge and experience to offer practical, relevant, and streamlined classes. To learn more about Zachary click here.  To contact Zachary you can email him at: zach@thefamilytreedm.com or call 515-202-2585.

These classes are meant for personal and private home use and by no means qualify any participant to offer touch or bodywork to the general public as a professional service or for a fee. You will not receive a professional certificate, degree or license for completing any classes.

Touch, especially sustained and focused touch, is intimate and sensual by nature. However, touch does not have to be sexual and for the purposes of these classes we are focusing completely on intimate and sensual touch that is free from the expectations that sexual touch elicits. As an aside, we believe that the information and skills learned from these classes will greatly benefit and enhance a couple’s connection and intimacy.

What You Will Need To Bring

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing; dress in layers (more information will be provided upon registration)
  • A pillow
  • At least one bottled water for each of you
  • Hair ties if you have long hair


Private Sessions

For those that want a more personalized and/or private experience, we offer individual workshops for couples and individuals as well. These sessions can cover any of the content offered in group classes, serve as skill enhancement for what is learned in group classes, or help work with any specific area of focus beyond what is taught in group classes.
*Private sessions are 90 minutes long and cost $120 each

Class Prices

  • Informational classes are free of charge
  • 4 week class series $450 (*Make it a double date and invite another couple and receive $50 off the class price; limit one per couple)
  • Weekend Retreat $450  (*Make it a double date and invite another couple and receive $50 off the class price; limit one per couple)
  • 90 minute Private Instruction sessions $120

    Gift Certificates Available for all pricing options.