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Lisa Munger


Lisa Offers:
•  Ayurveda Consultations

•  Private Yoga

•  Quarterly Workshops


At The Family Tree, we embrace the practice of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, as an excellent tool-kit to work toward achieving balance. 


Ayurveda is the product of a civilization that is deeply rooted in Mother Nature. The rishis (ancient sages) know that all of nature is part of the individual. We are created from, exist in, and return to nature.

—Dr. Robert Svoboda, MD and Ayurvedic physician


Trying to explain Ayurveda in brief is nearly impossible, because by definition, its realm is incredibly expansive. Often Ayurveda is described as a sister science to yoga, or the science of life. Revealed to sages some 5,000 years ago in the same texts, The Vedas, that provided us with yoga, Ayurveda and yoga are meant to go hand-in-hand.


IMG_0688Ayurveda views everything—our minds, bodies, interactions, natural world, food, energy—as comprised of a mix of five basic elements. Earth, water, fire, air and space.


Each person has a unique constellation of these elements present in his or her body and mind, an intrinsic constitution that remains in place throughout one’s life. This is your dosha, or prakriti. 


From there, Ayurveda takes off, examining factors like lifestyle, diet, environment, season, and more to create a truly holistic view of wellness. By making subtle alterations to these variables, we can bring our selves more in line with our natural state of being—health, for the mind and the body.


Common complaints addressed
by Ayurveda:

  • Weight gain/loss
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stagnation of mind or body
  • Feeling of being “blocked” in one’s life
  • Digestive issues
  • Desire to reduce/remove
    pharmaceutical regimen
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines



Ayurveda posits that our natural state is health. Thus, any manifestation of dis-ease from the minor to the significant can be addressed via Ayurvedic wisdom. Ayurveda doesn’t eschew Western medicine, but rather works in concert with it to work with the root of dis-ease, rather than in treatment of symptomology. The two disciplines can work harmoniously together. Health means radiance–the absence of disease doesn’t necessarily mean we’re living up to full fruition. Ayurveda provides us with many tools to gain access to radiant, healthful, holistic living.


In an Ayurvedic consultation session, Lisa will assess your dominant elements (dosha/prakriti), and current imbalance (vikriti) by using a number of honed diagnostic methods. From there, the session can take the form you wish, whether it be outlining a healing diet, a therapeutic yoga regimen or lifestyle shifts that will bring you closer toward balance.



Ayurveda Composite

Ayurveda explains that “like increases like,” meaning if we are fiery by nature—competitive, envious, goal-driven—that spending time in ahot-yoga room, eating lots of spicy, acidic foods will increase our fire element, perpetuating an imbalance that is already existing. Thus, to rectify imbalances, we must apply the opposite qualities to create an environment for our bodies and minds, creating that elusive quality we all seek: balance.


Because Ayurveda is such an expansive science, including elements of food, yoga/movement, lifestyle, emotion and more–many clients find it advantageous to begin by scheduling two appointments, one week or so apart, though this is not a requirement. Working together, we’ll get to the root of what’s happening and outline some down-to-earth tools to help you move toward balance. If you are a newbie to Ayurveda, no problem, Lisa will teach you the basics and equip you with tools bring you more balance in your life.



$75 for 60-minute session

Package pricing applies as it does to private yoga or massage.