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"Massage not only feels good but also I know it works and continues to show me results that need no argument" - Carrie C.

Bridget Ryan, LMT

bridget@thefamilytreedm.com - (515) 339-4157


Bridget brings creativity, passion and the gift of gab to The Family Tree.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Massage Educator.  At The Family Tree Yoga and Massage she specializes in Traditional Thai Massage, Barefoot Deep Tissue,  and Prenatal  and Postnatal Massage sessions for support during and after pregnancy.  She believes in the balance between movement and stillness and the body's ability to heal in each.  


She dug her Massage practice a home as she rooted down with Zach and Sandi Hoover, joining The Family Tree Yoga and Massage family in 2008.  She has taught Kids Yoga classes, Baby and Me Yoga and led workshops in Beginners Baby-Infant Massage.  Her connection is heart-felt to The Family Tree; a place to grow.   She is a true believer in their mantra of "From love, grows love".


She is honored to offer Prenatal Massage as a sacred tool in a woman's journey. She believes from her own experience and studies that Prenatal Massage is one of the only times in a pregnant woman's day where she can truly be with her body; it's a quiet space.  I believe pregnancy is a bond before, during and after the baby is delivered and the family naturally grows into themselves.  A Postnatal Massage is an essential balancing treatment that enhances a mothers physical and mental peace; a great tool for continued care.


You will find the influence of Thai Massage in every massage Bridget gives.  As a Thai Massage student with Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School, and under the wing of co-founder/director Rhett Hatfield, she completed her Intensive Internship in 2009. Rhett has this to say about his program: "The Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School is dedicated to taking a leading role in bringing the massage therapy profession to the level of a true holistic healing art."  What helped her realize true possibility in this profession was her experience at Body Wisdom and conviction in this philosophy.  She joined the school staff as the lead Educator in Traditional Thai Massage, Thai-on-the-Table and Barefoot Deep Tissue in 2010.   Co-owner/director Almut Hatfield indicates: "Bridget is heel-heavy with an ambitious attitude; always willing to put her best foot forward." 


She is a practicing Yogi, a boxer and a dance enthusiast.  She has taught Yoga in the Park every summer, led workshops at The Honey Creek Retreat and The Central Iowa Yoga Retreat.  Being connected and a part of the yoga community is where it's at for her!


Bridget is a loving and caring mother to Leo Henry.  The gifts of mother-hood have truly blessed and transformed her life.  Her story is colorful and her "wisdom" comes  from never giving up on a happy, healthy lifestyle and beginning to accept life as it comes. 


"The journey didn't look this way before I began and today it's more than I could ever dream. I'm grateful for that" - Bridget


Today she lives out her passions in her community as a therapist, a mother and as young leader in education.  Her consultations are about listening, caring and helping you move toward your goals of success.  As a  massage therapist specializing in Traditional Thai Massage, Barefoot Deep Tissue, Prenatal  and Postnatal Massage sessions for support during and after pregnancy. She is dedicated to a new level of authenticity and a consistent and practical practice of massage that works.  She is honored to share her skills and knowledge with you and discover how you can go deeper into your life. 




"Bridget gives a great massage that works out all of my tension and leaves me feeling renewed and ready to face another day. She's by far one of the best I've ever gone to."
-M. Nizzi 


“Barefoot massage has been invaluable in helping me maintain a very intense workout schedule. It keeps me centered. Bridget is truly amazing!”

- Bruce L. Hughes, MD


“Bridget Ryan is passionate about her work. The time, effort, research and love that she puts into her profession is self evident. I have been a client of Bridget's for close to five years and, in that time, have had the pleasure of physically moving from a place of pain and discomfort (specifically in my neck) to one of comfort and joy.

Just as important as Bridget's bodywork, is the time that she takes as a therapist to really get to know her clients and their specific mind / body connection. With this, Bridget focuses not only on the physical knots, but the "mental knots" as well.

Bridget has become an integral part of my health regimen. I am grateful to have met her and have the privilege of using her wonderful services.”

- Josh Daines 


I had seen several massage therapists before I found Bridget at The Family Tree. I value massage as one of the most important things I do for myself. Massage has greatly contributed to my overall health and well-being and it was especially beneficial to me during both of my pregnancies and post-natal recovery. I trust Bridget's expertise in Prenatal massage and take great comfort in her passion for massage as well as her professionalism. Bridget listens to the strengths and concerns I have about my body and works with me to improve them through massage. She is extremely knowledgeable and honors the mind-body- spirit connection throughout our sessions. I always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.



Bridget was a key member of what I called my "Pregnancy Wellness Team". After the premature birth of my son, I was nervous, anxious and wary of my second pregnancy, but also keen to have a very different experience the second time around.  Bridget helped that dream come true.  Through her support, her positive reinforcement, her shoulder to cry on, her sharing of wisdom and even her personal experience, she helped keep me centered on the blessing and gift of gestating and birthing a child.  Oh, and the massage was awesome too!  I could not have done it without her and am tremendously grateful for her presence in my life.  She helps me be a better me.

- Katherine Harrington