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Learning to Heal: Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

by Zachary Hoover, LMT


Healing is such a relatable subject, something we are all familiar with, the

process of making or becoming healthy again--something we all strive for.

Many, if not all of us, have had to face the challenge of healing in our lives.

Certainly for ourselves but also in witnessing the challenge it has presented to

others. Healing occurs on many levels and affects all parts of our being: the

mind, the body and the spirit. Often, these parts become disconnected, as we

tend to focus on only parts at a time. It is when we can connect the mind,

body and spirit that we can learn to heal with less difficulty.


Within all healing comes learning, and with all learning come healing.

I am no stranger to healing, it has been a part of my life for almost as long as I

can remember. Early broken bones, family dynamics, friendships that have

come and gone, broken hearts, surgeries, debilitating back pain, chronic

headaches and so on. I have had many occasions to face the challenge of

healing and to learn the lessons that are inherent within the process. However,

it has been through my career as an LMT that I have been able to view and

experience healing and change through a whole new perspective. I believe we

are all here for a purpose and all we have done, all we are doing and all we will

do are all for a reason, that there is something to be learned from every

experience. This is how I choose to see things and it is through these eyes I

share this perspective on what I have learned so far in my career:


•When it comes to healing there are basically two choices: do something or do

nothing(heal or don’t heal); there really are no other options.


•DOING NOTHING: Sometimes its easier to be in pain than go through the

process of healing.


•You have to admit there is something wrong or that you need help for the

healing process to begin.


•It is okay that something is wrong or that you need help (this is the most

challenging because of how vulnerable we feel when we are suffering).


•Healing doesn’t just happen--there are no short cuts or quick fixes; it is

fundamental to have patience.


•Identify what your block is, what you get stuck on; a habit, behavior,


-Find out who can help and if that doesn’t work, find someone else; DO NOT

give up hope, keep trying.

•You have to believe it is possible that you will get better--keep faith, find

faith or hope―--MAKE that your intention.


•Just because something didn’t work doesn’t mean you failed, you just need

to find another way, explore other options.


•It takes commitment to truly heal--You have to trust and respect the process,

and surrendering to the process most often allows for the greatest result.


As you go forward with your own path of healing, consider the following.


MIND: Get out of the suffering mentality and resolve to set positive intentions;

use affirmations, set goals, find support.


BODY: Your body is amazing; it is constantly doing so many things right and

without fail; when things do go wrong, be gentle, loving and grateful for all that

it does right--focus on this instead of whatever the challenge is.


SPIRIT: Take time to be still and allow for the guidance of spirit. This can help

the healing process, it can illumine what should be addressed. It is through

faith that we can find patience and understanding. If we are guided by spirit

then everything we are faced with has a purpose. Find these reasons and learn

to heal.


When it comes to healing:


Believe that healing is possible, that you are worthy and able.

Find a spiritual practice.

Take care of your body.

Be kind to your mind.

Don’t stop, don’t give up.


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