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Family Time Yoga by Carol Reinhard, RYT

This upcoming year The Family Tree will be offering a special monthly yoga event for families.  Yoga, families??  Most people think yoga is a challenging physical exercise regime for adults, usually adults who don’t have to worry about getting a sitter for the children during class.  Certainly there are many yoga classes that fit the description.  


I teach yoga to kids. I love teaching yoga to kids.  The energetic minds and bodies seem to swell with fun and confidence as we tell stories with our minds and bodies from a walk in the park to getting a plane ready for take-off to imagining how to use our bodies to create numerals.  Yes, fun is happening, but some very important other benefits are developing as well.  There is a wonderful list on the following website: http://www.yoga4classrooms.com/benefits-of-yoga-in-schools that to devoted to introducing yoga to schools.  


Here are just a few of the benefits listed:


Develops a strong and flexible body

Increases balance, body awareness and coordination

Improves posture and alignment

Relaxes the body, promoting better sleep


Increases concentration, focus and attention span

Promotes thinking and memory

Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness

Expands imagination and creativity


Inspires respect for self and others

Builds confidence and self-esteem

Develops discipline and self-control

Enhances team skills and social interaction


In addition, many studies show that children who are physically active do better in school.  


Where do families enter this picture and how much activity is right for what age child?   I consulted several reliable on-line sources and found the same sort of advice on all of them.  Experts recommend that as a parent, you try to plan for 30-60 minutes of structured, chaperoned, planned activity with your preschooler each day. Allow time (60+ minutes) for unstructured play as well.  For your school age child,try to plan for 30-60 minutes of structured, chaperoned, planned activity while providing plenty of sporting and activity equipment in your home. Allow time (60+ minutes) for unstructured play as well,


We all know that our lives today are busy and seemingly without “free time.”  Imagine taking 45 minutes one Saturday a month as a family to garner all the benefits listed above.  The monthly meeting at The Family Tree will include movement for all ages, stories told with words and movement.  In addition, each family will receive a printed description of the poses used to continue practice at home. 

Please join us on the third Saturday (usually) of the month from 9-9:45 for Family Time Yoga.  Check http://www.thefamilytreedm.com/ for details and to register for class. 




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