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What can I expect from a massage appointment?

Massage is a wonderful tool for self-care. When the dynamic between the therapist and client clicks a session can feel like a million bucks. Here are some criteria for receiving a  great professional massage session. 


  • Before each session you and your therapist want to take time to discuss anything and everything relevant to your session. Your likes and dislikes, what has worked, what has not, and what you hope to gain from each session. This might just be a nice peaceful relaxation massage or something very specific you are hoping to work on. The more the therapist knows about you, the better they can meet your expectations--so don't hesitate to speak up about anything.


  • During the session the therapist wants to be sure that you are comfortable and that we are working in a way that reflects your goal for each session. If there is something they can do to improve either of those, let them know. This could be as simple as adjusting the temperature, music, or lights, or, this could be applying more or less pressure, working more specifically with a problem area, or changing your positioning on the table. Also, if there are any questions that come up or things that you really like, again, don’t hesitate to speak up.


  • After the session there should be some time allowed for any follow up regarding the session--likes, dislikes, questions, comments, observations. Licensed Massage Therapists are happy to talk about treatment plans, make suggestions for self care or what else might best suit your needs or goals. They should also be okay with just sending you on your way if you just wish to bliss out after the session. YOU are the most important part of the massage.


South of Grand Resident Deb Gore Ohrn says, "Getting a massage with my therapist, Melodie, is simply nirvana! I love the soothing atmosphere and quiet peace. I recommend The Family Tree to all of my friends." 


Another sign you know you are working with a rockstar therapist is they may show stretching suggestions or teach you a simple self-massage technique to  keep you moving and provide relief between massage appointments. 


For clients with more chronic issues (old sports/car injury, illnesses, etc.) the first one of two sessions will not be a cure-all. More appointments are generally needed to get you back on the road to feeling good in your body. Having a therapist you really trust in and who gets to know your body can really work though some of those issues to improve and in some cases eliminate issues.  Another massage client, Steve Vilmain, says, “After my first massage with Zach I was hooked for life having weekly massages now since 2005. Zach understands how to make my 56 year old body feel young again and I can't imagine life without my weekly "adjustment.”


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April 26, 2018
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